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Daniel Bannert

Senior Fullstack Developer with a Decade of Tailored Experience

Over 12 years of experience

Who the f@#%
is Daniel Bannert?

Hey there! I’m Daniel, a self-taught Full Stack Software Engineer and a coding aficionado who’s been fervently turning coffee into code for over a decade. My mission? To meticulously transform your big ideas into digital reality. With a strong knack for both front-end finesse and back-end brawn, I’m all about building web solutions that are not just functional, but fantastic.

I am also an open-source enthusiast, deeply committed to the collaborative spirit that drives the tech community. I take immense care in ensuring the experience, architecture, and code quality of the projects I handle are top-notch. Every highlight of my career is marked by the moments when my work transcends individual goals and becomes a valuable asset for the community or industry as a whole.

I am passionate about what I do, and nothing excites me more than witnessing the transformative power of well-crafted code in action. Ready to check my Resume out?

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